Apple floppy drives

In September 2009 I started to downsize this collection to a few items and then archived this section to its own subdomain at the start of October 2011.

Apple 3.5 Drive (A9M0106)

a9m0106-01.jpg a9m0106-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 247KB
a9m0106-02.jpg a9m0106-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 244KB
a9m0106-03.jpg a9m0106-03.jpg, 1600x1200, 247KB

Apple 5.25 Drive (A9M0107)

a9m0107-01.jpg a9m0107-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 253KB
a9m0107-02.jpg a9m0107-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 239KB
a9m0107-03.jpg a9m0107-03.jpg, 1600x1200, 263KB

Duodisk (A9M0108)

a9m0108-01.jpg a9m0108-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 237KB
a9m0108-02.jpg a9m0108-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 249KB

Apple PC 5.25 Drive (A9M0110)

a9m0110-01.jpg a9m0110-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 240KB
a9m0110-02.jpg a9m0110-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 248KB

800K External Drive (M0131)

m0131-01.jpg m0131-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 299KB
m0131-02.jpg m0131-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 282KB
m0131-03.jpg m0131-03.jpg, 1834x1375, 309KB

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