Apple keyboards

In September 2009 I started to downsize this collection to a few items and then archived this section to its own subdomain at the start of October 2011.

Early keyboards


m0110-01.jpg m0110-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 272KB
m0110-02.jpg m0110-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 230KB
m0110-03.jpg m0110-03.jpg, 1600x1200, 250KB


m0120-01.jpg m0120-01.jpg, 1200x900, 166KB
m0120-02.jpg m0120-02.jpg, 1200x900, 163KB
m0120-03.jpg m0120-03.jpg, 1200x900, 164KB


m0110a-01.jpg m0110a-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 254KB
m0110a-02.jpg m0110a-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 229KB
m0110a-03.jpg m0110a-03.jpg, 1600x1200, 242KB

Apple Desktop Bus

Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard (A9M0330)

a9m0330-01.jpg a9m0330-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 276KB
a9m0330-02.jpg a9m0330-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 219KB
a9m0330-03.jpg a9m0330-03.jpg, 1600x1200, 253KB

Apple Keyboard (M0116)

m0116-01.jpg m0116-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 252KB
m0116-02.jpg m0116-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 223KB
m0116-03.jpg m0116-03.jpg, 1600x1200, 217KB

Apple Keyboard II (M0487)

m0487-01.jpg m0487-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 263KB
m0487-02.jpg m0487-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 214KB
m0487-03.jpg m0487-03.jpg, 1600x1200, 251KB

Apple Extended Keyboard (M0115)

m0115-01.jpg m0115-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 250KB
m0115-02.jpg m0115-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 195KB

Apple Extended Keyboard II (M3501)

m3501-01.jpg m3501-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 259KB
m3501-02.jpg m3501-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 217KB
m3501-03.jpg m3501-03.jpg, 1600x1200, 232KB
m3501-04.jpg m3501-04.jpg, 1600x1200, 320KB
m3501-05.jpg m3501-05.jpg, 1600x1200, 231KB

AppleDesign Keyboard (M2980)

m2980-01.jpg m2980-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 269KB
m2980-02.jpg m2980-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 214KB
m2980-03.jpg m2980-03.jpg, 1600x1200, 194KB
m2980-04.jpg m2980-04.jpg, 1600x1200, 273KB

Apple Adjustable Keyboard (M1242)

m1242-01.jpg m1242-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 220KB
m1242-02.jpg m1242-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 253KB
m1242-03.jpg m1242-03.jpg, 1600x1200, 227KB
m1242-04.jpg m1242-04.jpg, 1600x1200, 243KB
m1242-05.jpg m1242-05.jpg, 1280x960, 173KB
m1242-06.jpg m1242-06.jpg, 1600x1200, 260KB
m1242-07.jpg m1242-07.jpg, 1600x1200, 239KB
m1242-08.jpg m1242-08.jpg, 1600x1201, 330KB
m1242-09.jpg m1242-09.jpg, 1600x1200, 251KB
m1242-10.jpg m1242-10.jpg, 1600x1200, 232KB

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