Apple mice

In September 2009 I started to downsize this collection to a few items and then archived this section to its own subdomain at the start of October 2011.

9-pin connector


m0100-01.jpg m0100-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 275KB
m0100-02.jpg m0100-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 296KB
m0100-03.jpg m0100-03.jpg, 1600x1200, 318KB
m0100-04.jpg m0100-04.jpg, 1600x1200, 299KB

Mouse IIc (A2M4015)

a2m4015-01.jpg a2m4015-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 257KB
a2m4015-02.jpg a2m4015-02.jpg, 1600x1199, 289KB
a2m4015-03.jpg a2m4015-03.jpg, 1600x1200, 304KB

Mouse IIe (A2M2070)

a2m2070-01.jpg a2m2070-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 319KB
a2m2070-02.jpg a2m2070-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 307KB

Apple Desktop Bus

Desktop Bus Mouse (A9M0331)

a9m0331-01.jpg a9m0331-01.jpg, 1600x1200, 340KB
a9m0331-02.jpg a9m0331-02.jpg, 1600x1200, 360KB

Desktop Bus Mouse II (M2706)

m2706-01.jpg m2706-01.jpg, 1200x900, 171KB
m2706-02.jpg m2706-02.jpg, 1200x900, 177KB
m2706-03.jpg m2706-03.jpg, 1200x900, 182KB
m2706-04.jpg m2706-04.jpg, 1200x900, 193KB

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