Dauphin DTR-1

In September 2009 I started to downsize this collection to a few items and then archived this section to its own subdomain at the start of October 2011.

This system

A few years ago I helped a friend clear out his garage of computer items by listed them on eBay and splitting the profits. All of the items had been acquired by a friend of his at a business that was closing down and most of them were pretty standard: 19" rack mount cases, SCSI drive boxes, etc. There were a few items that we didn't sell as I added them straight to my collection and one of these was a box of about 5 DTR-1 units in various stages of completeness.


dtr1-01.jpg dtr1-01.jpg, 1280x1024, 147KB
dtr1-02.jpg dtr1-02.jpg, 1024x768, 107KB
dtr1-03.jpg dtr1-03.jpg, 1280x1024, 242KB
dtr1-04.jpg dtr1-04.jpg, 1280x1024, 227KB
dtr1-05.jpg dtr1-05.jpg, 1280x1024, 219KB
dtr1-06.jpg dtr1-06.jpg, 1024x768, 123KB

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