SGI Indy

In September 2009 I started to downsize this collection to a few items and then archived this section to its own subdomain at the start of October 2011.

This system

Over the past few years I have actually been in possession of a number of Indy units.

First there were two R4600 system units and two 20" displays that I obtained via a friend who spotted them being disposed of at his university. One of each of these are pictured below and the other system unit and display we sold on eBay to raise some money for our LAN gaming group. Some months later I purchased the matching keyboard, mouse and IndyCam through eBay which brought it up to a single complete system.

In late 2004 I obtained another complete R4600 system (20" display, keyboard, mouse and IndyCam) from my work. Over a year later in early 2006 I sold this system with an external SCSI CD-ROM (the case was purchased for $12 on eBay and I put an old Apple drive in it) to bring the items in my possession back down to a single complete system.

It was barely a week after this that I spotted an offer of some SGI systems on a mailing list at work and thanks to that I obtained an R5000 system (pictured below) with 17" display, keyboard, mouse and IndyCam.

Due to space concerns I am currently (February 2006) considering selling the 20" display from the R4600 system (I have a similar sized display on the O2).

In December 2009 both the R4600 and R5000 were listed on eBay.


indy-r4600-01.jpg indy-r4600-01.jpg, 980x830, 85KB
indy-r4600-02.jpg indy-r4600-02.jpg, 1280x960, 188KB
indy-r4600-03.jpg indy-r4600-03.jpg, 1280x960, 195KB
indy-r4600-04.jpg indy-r4600-04.jpg, 1280x960, 235KB
indy-r4600-05.jpg indy-r4600-05.jpg, 1280x960, 198KB
indy-r4600-06.jpg indy-r4600-06.jpg, 1024x768, 122KB
indy-r4600-07.jpg indy-r4600-07.jpg, 1024x768, 153KB
indy-r5000-01.jpg indy-r5000-01.jpg, 1280x960, 151KB
indy-r5000-02.jpg indy-r5000-02.jpg, 1280x960, 177KB
indy-r5000-03.jpg indy-r5000-03.jpg, 1280x960, 252KB
indy-r5000-04.jpg indy-r5000-04.jpg, 1280x960, 246KB
indy-r5000-05.jpg indy-r5000-05.jpg, 1280x960, 182KB

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